May 29, 2023 Reflection — Posters for service transformation

In the spirit of transparency and candour, the service transformation team publishes reflections on the what and why for the team.

Earlier this year, the ENV Service Transformation team and our partners took a moment to visualize our work and how we fit in with government service design and delivery. Here’s what we came up with:

Circles that represent the various levels of the government service ecosystem.
The evergreen goal to work through all layers of the service ecosystem from policy to UX design.
A Venn diagram between policy, design and technology, where ENV Service Transformation sits.
The Venn diagram of ENV service transformation and where we play.

Digital Service Teams

Our Ministry digital service temas also took a shot at their own posters to share their agile product teams’ personality, approach and focus. These teams are building new digital products and transforming how people in B.C. access environmental programs and services. Here’s a snapshot of each team:

A poster with a branch and text that reads ‘we can’t predict the future — we can only build it.’
Environmental Protection Digital Services team focusing on an agile future (MVP to come!).
A poster that pictures various images of icons for compliance and enforcement actions.
Compliance and Enforcement digital services’s road to increased collaboration and transparency.
An image of the earth and text that reads ‘keep it simple’ for the Clean Growth Digital Services team.
Clean Growth Digital Services keeps it simple for the CleanBC Industry Fund.
A park staff person looking into a car with a view of forest, lakes and mountains behind it with the Team Osprey digital services badge.
Get outside and enjoy a BC Park with a digital Day Use Pass thanks to Team Osprey!

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